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TSA Requirements

United States Transportation and Security Administration (TSA)

Alien Flight Student Program 

The TSA has designed a guide to provide step-by step assistance to Candidates and Providers navigating the AFSP Flight Training Request Application process. It contains detailed, user-friendly instructions and tips to facilitate filling out the online application, choosing a category, sending documents, submitting the application and then checking the status of the training request. Go to: to get started. 

For help with this website, send an email to or call (571)227-4544.


FTSP's mission is to ensure that individuals participating in flight training do not pose a threat to aviation or national security. Under U.S. law , U.S. flight training providers are prohibited from training any flight training candidates or students unless they have submitted certain information to TSA, and TSA has determined that the individual does not pose a threat to aviation or national security.

Flight training candidates use this online portal to apply for a security threat assessment. A determination of eligibility from the security threat assessment allows a candidate to participate in flight training with an FAA-regulated flight training provider. Candidates must complete the FTSP application before they may begin flight training.

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