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Airplane or Helicopter Discovery Flights

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A Discovery Flight is the perfect way to get first-hand experience flying an airplane or helicopter.

Interested in flying but don't know where to start?

The 30 minute flight gives you a real taste of flight training with an instructor.

Discovery Flight time gained wil
l count towards flight time required for a private pilot certificate.

Come experience the thrill of flying for yourself!

$100 Airplane Discovery Flight

$250 Helicopter Discovery Flight

Airplane and Helicopter at Seaway No Background.jpg

Before you fly, one of our Certified Flight Instructors will explain to you
how each of the controls work and the basic fundamentals of flying.
After a safety briefing, then it will be time for you to put your

new knowledge into practice. 

An advanced reservation is required.
Wear comfortable clothes, and closed toe shoes.  Weight limit in R-44 is
300 lbs per seat.

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